September 2, 2010

Saviors of the Inbox?

When Google announced its “Priority Inbox” feature for Gmail this week, I couldn’t help but feel that the Internet giant took a cue from a small but innovative start-up called Xobni (that’s “inbox” in reverse, in case you’re wondering). The company, co-founded by Adam Smith and Matt Brezina, pictured here in the company’s original San Francisco office, has become a cult favorite of many heavy Outlook users. By constantly analyzing the user’s e-mail traffic in a multitude of ways, Xobni manages to show at a glance what’s important and who’s important – even if the torrent of new messages never seems to let up.

By now, Xobni has become successful enough to move into a newer, bigger, sunnier office, which became available when former tenant Twitter moved a few blocks across town. Here’s Brezina, with appropriate office mural, posing for the photographer.

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