March 21, 2010

Balboa Park

Not much going on here for a while, due to an assignment that took me to San Diego. I managed to squeeze in a trip to Balboa Park, the historic recreational heart of the city. It’s a popular destination with locals and tourists equally, and a photographer’s dream – you never need to look far for stunning views. Here’s a boy running past the fountain in front of the National History Museum.

A favorite of visitors (and everyone having a camera within reach), the Lily Pond, stretching out between the Mingei International Museum and the Botanical Building.

Nice silhouette: The Museum of Man right before sunset, with a plane scribbling its trace marks into the darkening sky.

There’s something slightly unsettling about planes approaching San Diego’s Lindbergh Field airport downtown, flying right over your head when you’re standing in front of the park's administration building near Veterans Memorial Garden. That’s not the reason this picture turned out a bit shaky, though. It was merely the photographer using the wrong settings, but I like the result anyway.

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